Softub T-300

With five adjustable jets and two jets strategically placed to target those hard to reach places, the Softub 300+ is the ultimate in luxury. Accommodating up to six adults, the 300+ is perfect for social gatherings and spending time with family and loved ones.

Underwater LEDs are integrated into the Softub 300+. Whether you choose a warm orange; a nautical blue; a vitalizing green; or a stimulating gradient, Softub's 300+ LED lighting will suit any mood and create an inviting atmosphere (feature only offered on the 300+).

300+ Specifications
Capacity5-6 People
Outer Diameter78 inches
Inner Diameter65 inches
Height of Tub27 inches
Water Capacity300 Gallons
Empty Weight:
Motor Pack
147 Lbs.
80 Lbs.
37 Lbs.
30 Lbs.
Filled Weight
(tub, lid, pak, & water)
2725 Lbs.
Inner ShellPolybond Foam
UpholsteryLeatherTex Marine-Grade Vinyl