Softub T-220

Escape the everyday stress life brings with the Softub 220. Cushioned for comfort, the Softub 220, features five pulsating jets and comfortably accommodates up to four people. It is perfect for those who want a spa that can fit more than two people without having to compromise living space.

220 Specifications
Capacity3-4 People
Outer Diameter71 inches
Inner Diameter61 inches
Height of Tub24 inches
Water Capacity220 Gallons
Empty Weight:
Motor Pack
127 Lbs.
65 Lbs.
37 Lbs.
25 Lbs.
Filled Weight
(tub, lid, pak, & water)
2119 Lbs.
Inner ShellPolybond Foam
UpholsteryLeatherTex Marine-Grade Vinyl