"Simple as 1,2,3"

Roll, Connect and Fill!

Softub T-140

Take a soak at your leisure in the Softub 140.  With four hydrotherapy jets, the Softub 140 is designed to maximize your enjoyment in a minimum amount of space. Its five-foot diameter is the ideal spa for balconies, patios, and basements.  The Softub 140 is your private getaway to unwind from a long day, relax, and reduce stress.

Softub T-220

Escape the everyday stress life brings with the Softub 220. Cushioned for comfort, the Softub 220, features five pulsating jets and comfortably accommodates up to four people. It is perfect for those who want a spa that can fit more than two people without having to compromise living space.


Softub T-300

With five adjustable jets and two jets strategically placed to target those hard to reach places, the Softub 300+ is the ultimate in luxury. Accommodating up to six adults, the 300+ is perfect for social gatherings and spending time with family and loved ones.  Underwater LEDs are integrated into the Softub 300+. Whether you choose a warm orange; a nautical blue; a vitalizing green; or a stimulating gradient, Softub’s 300+ LED lighting will suit any mood and create an inviting atmosphere (feature only offered on the 300+).

Multi Media Bar

Softub Eco-Advantage

The Softub Hydromate system was designed with heat recovery technology, incorporating the pump, motor, and heating systems into one single unit. Thanks to the clever arrangement of these technical components, a Softub’s water can also be heated using the motor’s excess heat. Softubs incorporate the intelligent technology of the Smartchip. With the Smartchip, Softub hot tubs maintain the set temperature on the control panel by turning the pump on and off automatically. The built in safety mechanism prevents the tub from overheating if there’s a problem with the temperature...


Durable enough to withstand the strength and weight of an elephant; no matter the weather—sun, rain, frost, or snow—the Leathertex exterior of Softub hot tubs has been created for long life and durability.  Softubs are unsurpassed for comfort and convenience. The soft but stable Polybond interiors provide comfort in all positions you may want to relax in. Our high standards for quality have not limited the beauty of Softub. There are seven designer colors to choose from to match any décor. Softub has ushered in a new era in...